Great Examples Of Innovative Logo Design!

A logo can be interpreted as the ‘face’ of a company in front of consumers. It plays an important role in the success of a business. In a world that is inundated with heavily elaborate logos with loud colours and patterns, brands that have employed minimalist logos have suddenly started to look a lot more appealing.

Innovative logo designs are increasingly emerging in the form of minimalist styles which can look very attractive. Examples of where a logo design has proven successful in marketing have come from companies which are quite new to the game. Even highly experienced companies can learn a lesson or two from these new businesses.

Logo Design Can Influence Your Company’s Success

Your logo design will influence your credibility – if your logo looks like it is trying too hard to please everyone, it’s time to create a new one. Simple designs go a long way, and creativity is in no way compromised.

A great example is the logo design by Twitter – you probably could not find a person who would not be familiar with the blue bird or their trademark letter t in a blue background. Simple and easily recognisable, this logo does not include a lot of information – a bird is tweeting, therefore, it must mean it’s a social thing where you ‘tweet’ your ideas or opinions in a limited amount of characters.

With this simple logo, the company has engraved itself into the memory of numerous users who log into twitter daily to update their statuses. This has contributed to the overall success of the company and has made marketing a lot easier due to the association created in people’s minds.

Simplicity Is Key In Your Logo And Its Marketing

Another great example is the Nike swoosh symbol, which has now been easily associated with a company that is producing sports goods. It is a simple one-stroke design which can be put on virtually anything, and it will be instantly recognised by masses.

Other wonderful examples include Shell, Apple, Chanel, and many more! They are as simple as it gets – and can you doubt their success?

Therefore, if you have had your logo for quite some time now and it’s lacking recognition, come to us. Our team of experts will assist you in creating a memorable logo design, whilst also helping your brand to grow. We know the way; with us business is a science and an art.

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