How To Adapt Your Website Design For International Audiences!

The Internet has revolutionised the way we communicate and do business. Almost every household has a computer and internet access and having a website is an exciting way to reach a wider audience and advertise or brand yourself or your company. However, in order to attract the right audience, you need a great website design.


Make Your Website Design Internationally Friendly

While you want your website to reach a worldwide audience, you want them to understand the information on your page and the message you are trying to deliver. This is easy when you target local markets; however there are different rules for internationally successful website design.

Things you need to pay attention to:
Language – English is international and the second most widely spoken language in the world. Still a native American speaker might not understand certain terms used by an Australian. When adapting your website for international audiences don’t use slang. Be aware of different word meanings in for example USA and UK.

Currency and Measurements – If you have an online store be aware of measurement system, whether it is for clothing or appliances. While UK uses inches, many countries use a metric system. The same applies for currency, make it clear which currency is being used e.g. American, Australian or Canadian dollars.
Colors – colors are by far the most significant part of the website. Just by looking at your website color scheme person creates a subconscious opinion. For example earthy colors give a sense of stability and trustworthiness, while extensive use of red color might irritate. Be aware of what each color represents and make sure it transfers the message you want to give.


Create A User Friendly Website With Dyagonal

Your website design should be user friendly and easy to navigate and users should be able to find the important information, such as about us, terms and conditions, contact details etc. If you attract a lot of foreigners to your page consider translating the page. However, use a professional translator to ensure top quality.
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