Web Design and Web Development, What’s the Difference?

Web design and web development are two very different disciplines. Many people looking to build a new website can get confused between the two, although this can be a costly mistake when they don’t get the finished product they expected.

What Is Web Design?

Web design, or website design, is the customer facing aspect of the website. Web designers focus on how the website looks to the consumer, including site aesthetics and navigability. Web designers still have a knowledge of things like Javascript and coding techniques so they will understand what is and isn’t possible from a web developers perspective, however the focus will always remain on the design aspect of the website.

The Misconstrue Between Web Design and Web Development

Web Development is everything that makes the website work. Think of it as the cogs at the back end of the website, making the website functional and interactive. A good, interactive website will require the input of both a web designer and a web developer. Designer will typically create an image of a website for the developers to take and turn into a functional website with a content management system for updating.

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